We harvest in the early morning to ensure freshness and then ship immediately to our customers. We use Servientrega for its convenience. 


Customers are responsible for all shipping costs. Please keep in mind that if you order 5 lbs. of peppers (for example), you will pay the price we charge for peppers, PLUS Servientrega's cost. Servientrega charges by weight so please keep in mind that while packing costs are kept to a minimum, you will end up paying for a little more than 5 lbs. (using the example).

Shipping Cost

When we ship your peppers, we will send you a photo of the shipping receipt from the Servientrega office. 


Fresh peppers cannot be shipped over the weekend due to the risk of spoilage. We generally harvest on Monday evening and drop off shipments at the Servientrega office Tuesday morning. For those living in Cuenca, you should receive your order on Wednesday. For those in Cotacachi, orders should arrive on Thursday. We do not ship to the coast.

Shipping Guarantee

Although we ship your peppers immediately after harvesting, we cannot provide a freshness guarantee. Shipments to Cotacachi take 2 days and shipments to Cuenca take approximately 5 hours. The Pepper Farm takes no responsibility for any spoilage of your peppers. Servientrega will make a delivery attempt. If nobody is home, they "should" call you prior to making another attempt. Please ensure someone will be home to receive the delivery.