Our Story

The Pepper Farm is located in Malacatos, Ecuador. Known as the Valley of Eternal Spring, Malacatos has the perfect climate for year round agriculture. Stacey and Cervio created The Pepper Farm in early 2019. Cervio, a native of Malacatos, is a multi-talented craftsman as well as an influential farmer. Stacey moved to Ecuador in 2014 and eventually found her way to Malacatos. We grow a variety of crops and discovered our niche in growing peppers that people love.

Cervio Valdivieso

Cervio does it all...he's constantly improving everything, from automating the drip irrigation system to increasing harvest efficiency. Cervio makes our chemical-free fertilizer, is in charge of shipping, and makes sure everything is running smoothly. He is a master craftsman as well and has improved our storage facilities with a touch of class.

Stacey Stovall

Stacey works full-time as a natural resources consultant to Native American tribal governments in the U.S., and she takes care of the farm. In between the pepper plants, Stacey grows cacao, coffee, a variety of citrus, bananas, papayas, pineapples, ​ginger, turmeric, galangal, guayaba, lemongrass, ​potatoes, carrots, sunflowers, gourds, bok choy, ​kale, Romaine lettuce, strawberries,

peas and beans.


Our Mission

We're dedicated to conducting our business in a way that benefits the environment, inspires action, and supports communities.  

La Granja Ag Committee

We Love to Grow!

We have a passion for growing new and interesting things in Malacatos. Yucca, corn, beans and sugar cane are plentiful, but we're curious about growing things that are somewhat unique.


Cervio recently learned to graft fruit trees, so our next project is to create a fruit cocktail tree...limes, Cara Cara oranges, giant mandarins, and tangelos - all on the same tree!

In addition to growing a variety of chile peppers, we also cultivate tomatillos. Also known as the Mexican husk tomato, tomatillos are a key ingredient in many of the salsas and recipes created with the chile peppers we grow.

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