How to Order

  1. REGISTER - Register for our mailing list. The sign-up form is at the bottom of every page on our website. 

  2. PRICES - Once on our mailing list, you will receive our most recent newsletter with current product pricing information.

  3. HARVEST EMAIL - When we are ready to harvest, we will send ALL registered users an email. Once customers receive our harvest email, we fulfill orders on a priority basis. WE WILL NOT RECEIVE ORDERS UNTIL WE ARE READY TO HARVEST SO PLEASE DO NOT FILL OUT AND SEND YOUR ORDER FORM UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED OUR HARVEST EMAIL.

  4. SEND US YOUR ORDER - Fill out the order form, below. Make sure to include all requested information so that Servientrega can reach you if there is a problem with your delivery.

  5. ORDER CONFIRMATION - Once we receive your order, we will confirm via email whether we can fulfill your order. Order confirmation will include where to send payment.

  6. PRODUCT SHIPMENT - When we confirm your order, we will ship your product via Servientrega. You will be responsible for paying the shipping cost. Please visit the shipping page for pricing.

  7. PAYMENT - We request immediate payment via PayPal or bank deposit.


Make sure you have read the steps above. We will not accept any orders until we have sent out our harvest email.

Orders are filled in the order received.