Hatch Chile Varieties

New Mexico chile peppers grown in New Mexico are the most sought after, since their flavor, texture, and hardiness are heavily dependent on their growing environment. Among the New Mexico-grown chile peppers, the ones with the most accolades are grown along the Rio Grande, especially along the Hatch Valley. Most New Mexico type peppers are long pod-type peppers, that ripen from green to red, the multitude of New Mexico type cultivars have a slight variance in taste, and widely varying appearances and heat levels. Most of the varieties of chile cultivated in the Hatch Valley have been developed at New Mexico State University over the last 130 years.

~ Information provided by Wikipedia

NuMex Medium Hot Big Jim

Big Jim pods can grow between 8 and 14 inches in length. Although Big Jim peppers are a medium hot pepper, there is a lot of heat variation due to the environment in which the peppers are grown. This variety of hatch chile was listed as the world’s largest chile in the Guinness Book of Records. The Big Jims are great for roasting. "Jim Lytle worked with Dr. Nakayama and New Mexico State University (NMSU) to develop a hatch chile that was fondly named Big Jim" (from Wikipedia).

NuMex Lumbre X-Hot

"This is the hottest green chile and when it hits your tongue, pain signals rush to your brain. Then your brain releases endorphins that cause a mild euphoria, so you feel better and want more green chile!  The molecule responsible for making the hot burning sensation is capsaicin and each new bite stimulates the brain to send out more endorphins to soothe the pain. Pods are small at 5” long and are screaming hot. A good addition to any garden. Grown near Hatch, NM" (from Sandia Seed Company).

After a lot of trial and error, we now order all our hatch chile seeds from the Sandia Seed Company. Their germination rates are over 90 percent and we like that they are open pollinated, non-GMO seeds. They also have a lot of great recipe links on their site. 

The description of our hatch chiles comes from the seed company. We cannot tell you how spicy our peppers are because each person has their own heat tolerance. We cannot guarantee that the spiciness or heat of our hatch chiles matches the heat you may expect. Spiciness is not something we can control as it is determined by many factors, including weather, soil conditions and crops grown in the area. 

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